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Unity Geospatial is well established in providing qualitative and 360° analytical assessment of the earth & GIS based solutions for last 10 years.

We are now diversifying into area of Risk Assessment of Tropical Cyclone on Indian Coast using GIS mapping Technologies. Though there is a large amount data/information available on Tropical Cyclones in Indian Subcontinent, there is no actionable knowledge product available for use at specific location on Indian coast. 

This software feels that gap by giving a risk assessment after the client marks its location by specifying its Latitude and Longitude. Once the location is marked the software produces the report on Risk Assessment for the location marked with following information:

Identifies whether the locations falls under high/medium/low/no hazard Wind/Flash Flood and Storm Surge Zones.

Loss Prevention suggestions to minimize losses in case of new constructions or strengthening of existing structures and alerts on detailed risk assessment/preparing of a disaster plan location specific.

Vulnerability of properties to the various Wind/Flood/Storm Surge Zones in which the location falls and vast disruption caused during the catastrophe & thereafter.

The above is backed by data of Depressions/Cyclones/Severe Cyclones and also details of Severe Cyclones, Very Severe Cyclones, Extremely Severe Cyclones and Super Cyclones that hit the location from the year 1891 to 2020

Our vision is simple… Providing Qualitative solutions with discreet analysis for geospatial services.

We provide effective, innovative and quality solutions with thoughtful and discreet analysis of geospatial data to meet the client’s requirements.

Reports of IMD

Reports of IMD

Painstakingly collected data (Tracks of Cyclone & Reports of IMD) of all cyclones of intensity Severe to Super Cyclones that hit the Indian Coast.

Dividing Indian Coast

Dividing Indian Coast

Dividing Indian Coast in Wind/Flood/Storm Surge Zones taking based on the structure of Cyclones in the Bay of Bengal & Arabian Sea.

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis giving prediction on how many cyclones may hit the location in the next ten (10) years and their intensities



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Managing Director

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Expert Risk Management & Insurance Consultant

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Climate Scientist at IITM

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