Flash Flood

Flash Flood

The Eye wall region of the Tropical/Cyclone has most intense rains. Though the rain fall in the outer bands of the Tropical Cyclone/Hurricane is not as intense as in the Eye Wall region, the rainfall is significantly high. Further the rainfall is not symmetrical. It may be very high at few locations and less in other locations.

The impact depends on the ground situation. Low lying areas are certain to have flash floods. Though other areas may suffer depending on closure normal drainage channels or by reducing the width of rivers etc. as the urban areas grow under commercial pressure.

The Flash Floods occur due to heavy downpour during short period of time in a Tropical Cyclone/Hurricane but the damage on the ground depends on.

  • Velocity of water which depends on the topography of land. It is not uncommon to see vehicles/goods getting washed out and found few kilometers away from its location even during the normal heavy rain falls, forget cyclones.
  • Depth of water and Duration of the stay of the water in the area.

It is therefore necessary to study the location carefully and take structural measures as well as prepare a Disaster Management Plan.

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