The Tracking is a GIS based app for data collection in the field for the specific purpose as per the client requirement and ability to work with an existing GIS based information and navigating on it when in a field. The main purpose is to create an app on a portable system to handle the in house as well as field data without any glitch.

  • Android and Web based app for survey data collection in the specific purpose as per the client requirement.
  • Contribute to the quality and the efficiency of fieldwork for data submission and survey data management.
  • The Location based services helps to tracked real time location ,provide requirement based location management functions, such as navigation, finding specific location or tracking a field track.
  • GIS based App will help to plan a daily route/traverse with the ability to use Shapefile as a background or a base map. The app will have an ability to draw a traverse lines so that team can plan and share the traverse in office as well as in field. Real time planning of the field visit traverse and data can be visualized and collected in real time with more accuracy and more efficiently.
  • Mobile GIS Facilitates the data collection process, where the field data can be collected in a tabular form, collected as geo-tagged photographs, or as a point of interest with latitude longitude and altitude information.
  • The field data mobile app will be synchronized with the web based application for efficient management to survey data and the geological data, which will help to analyses, manage, download data from any place or by any user within the organization.

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