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Software Product Development

Software Service and Development

  • Design, Development and Maintenance of custom geospatial databases
  • GIS application development and enterprise integration
  • Mobile GIS application development
  • Development of Spatial Information Systems
  • Web GIS application development and customization using Map Server, GeoServer, Open Layers, MS4W, Map fish, and MapNik etc.

Unity Geospatial provides custom applications based on client requirement. We create spatial information systems to accelerate client businesses forward. We offer services for Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Application Migration, Web GIS, Mobile and GIS etc.

Mobile GIS applications helps in improving the traditional method of collecting field data and its management using wireless communication, tablet PC and visualization of modification of data in real-time on the desktop.

We also offer Standalone application and Desktop Tool Development to automate GIS projects using .net/python.

Geo-Database Management

  • Data Intelligence
  • Development of Location Based Services (LBS)
  • Comprehensive data management, Geo-database development

GIS database involves storing entity and attribute data. It is a structured approach to store, locate, retrieve and search cross-reference records. Using analytical tools and methods businesses can better understand the information they collect to improve their services, investments and their effectiveness.

Data intelligence focuses on analysis and interaction with information in a meaningful way to promote better decision-making in the future.