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Our Services


  1. Environment Impact Assessment
  2. Development Plans
  3. Property Tax Mapping
  4. UAV (Drone) Mapping
  5. SMART city projects
  6. Village Development Plans
  7. Infrastructure Development – Water, Sanitation, Strom Water management
  8. Telecom, Oil & Gas pipeline mapping
  9. Fleet Management

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing
  1. Sub Surface Analysis
  2. Image Interpretation and classification
  3. Land use/ Land cover mapping
  4. Agricultural mapping
  5. Forest classification
  6. Change detection analysis
  7. Mining and Geology planning
  8. Watershed Management

Database Management

  1.  Data Intelligence
  3. Development of Location Based Services (LBS)
  4. Comprehensive data management, Geo-database development,

Application Development & Support

Application Management
  1. Design, Development and maintenance of custom geospatial databases
  2. GIS application development and enterprise integration
  3. Mobile GIS application development
  4. Development of spatial information systems
  5. Web GIS application development and customization using MapServer, GeoServer, OpenLayers, MS4W, Mapfish, and MapNik etc