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Natural Resources Management

Flood Analysis and Modelling

  • Flood Zone Demarcation
  • Basin Characterization for Flood Analysis
  • Terrain Analysis for Flood Inundation Modelling
  • Determination of Magnitude of Flood Zones
  • Flood Inundation Modelling
  • Storm Water Runoff Analysis

We have experience in developing quantitative flood models using GIS and remote sensing technology. The outcome of the models can be used in assessing capital requirements, reinsurance pricing, risk analysis and impact based flood forecasting.

Water Quality Analysis and Asset Mapping

  • Water Quality Mapping
  • Analysis of Water Quality data
  • Interpolation and Trend Analysis
  • Non-Revenue Water

Safe drinking water is basic necessity of a living being. Drinking water quality monitoring, identification of contaminated locations and understanding priority area is of foremost importance considering the environmental and socio-economic aspect. Remote sensing and GIS technology enables us to find such locations.  We offer services in water quality analysis of surface water and ground water for urban and rural area. It also includes the identification of hazards associated with it and determination of probability for the occurrence of hazards from the environmental and socio-economic aspect.

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Identification and Assessment of Impacts
  • Prediction of significant causes and effects of Impacts
  • Assessment and Comparison of Alternatives
  • Economic and Environmental Costs and Benefits
  • Preventive and Mitigation Measures

Environmental Impact assessment is a decision making tool to evaluate and/or predict potential impacts (effect) of proposed activity/project on the environment relative to socio-economic, cultural, geophysical and human-health as inter-related components of the environment.

Tropical Cyclone Risk Analysis

  • Impact Analysis of cyclone on land/ builtup property
  • Identification of Damage Zone for the land/ builtup property
  • Mapping of Cyclone Path
  • Cyclone Forecasting
  • Property Loss Estimation and Analysis

Tropical Cyclones are a natural meteorological phenomenon and cannot be prevented. Unity Geospatial offers services to identify and assess the intensity and potential impact of a tropical cyclone on land/ builtup property. It includes mapping potential impacts of cyclone intensity, storm surge zones and predictive modelling using historical cyclone data. Predictive modelling using Statistical analysis and Machine Learning. Cyclone risk analysis also covers the maximum probable loss (MPL) estimates for land/ builtup properties along the coastal zones or within the Cyclone or storm surge zones.

Aquifer Mapping

  • Subsurface Mapping
  • Modelling of the Geological and Resistivity data
  • Voxel Modelling
  • Mapping of Aquifer and 3-D Visualisation
  • Preparation of Aquifer Management Plan

Aquifer mapping helps determine the quantity and the quality of groundwater of an area.  It also gives vertical and lateral extent, productivity, depth to water level/ piezometric surface of the aquifers, concentration of various chemical constituents in groundwater in different aquifers, identification of recharge and discharge zone, delineation of vulnerable areas with regard to exploitation and contamination.

Change Detection Analysis

  • Landuse Change Analysis
  • Coastal Boundary Change Analysis
  • Urban Sprawl Analysis
  • Deforestation Analysis

Change detection is widely used process for identifying differences in the phenomenon or object over the time. Various techniques are used to understand the relationship and interactions between human and natural phenomena for sustainable management and use of resources. The remotely sensed data and GIS helps to perform various techniques for change detection. The common application areas are Landuse, Coastal boundaries, Urban Sprawl, Plantation/Deforestation change analysis.