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Geospatial Services

Cadastral Mapping

  • Property Tax Mapping
  • Land Parcel Mapping
  • Village Development Plan
  • Land Use Mapping

Cadastral mapping includes parcel based boundaries and land information with land record, geometry of parcels, land use details, land owner details, etc. The digitized boundaries are utilized for Tax Mapping, Assessment and Management, Land Parcel Mapping (Plotting) and Demarcating Ward Boundaries for further assessments and planning.

LiDAR Data Processing

  • Classification of LiDAR data
  • Digital Surface Modelling
  • Digital Terrain Modelling
  • Terrain Analysis

Unity Geospatial provides services in LiDAR data processing. The processed data is used to create high quality elevation models of land surfaces which can be utilized by various industries and applications. These models include Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Triangular Irregular Networks (TIN).

Thematic Mapping

  • Isopleth Mapping
  • IsoResistivity mapping
  • Chloropleth Mapping

Thematic mapping is a useful tools for visualization of physical phenomena like temperature variation, rainfall distribution, population density, etc. These include both qualitative as well as quantitative maps to gather information and display potentially hidden patterns and appropriate scales.

Landuse Landcover Mapping

  • Classification of Landuse Landcover
  • Change Detection Analysis

Unity Geospatial has extensive expertise and experience in GIS based Landuse Landcover mapping. The mapping service provides classified information of the physical and man-made features present on land surface using remotely sensed data. For different time series, it helps to compare and analyse the changes taking place on the land surface. These can be utilized for vegetation mapping, urban-cultural and engineering applications. The present as well as past information can be used for future planning and analysis.

Utility Mapping
5_1_Utility Mapping

  • Water Distribution Network Mapping
  • Gas Pipeline Network Mapping
  • Electricity Distribution Network Mapping
  • Telecom Network Mapping

Utility mapping service helps in documenting the existing physical utility distribution network in digital format. The geographic data provides spatial dimension and database to the network and helps with its management. The field information can be utilized for modelling data with integration from other sources, i.e. satellite data and attribute information. GIS database of utilities is beneficial in managing power outages, breakdown, maintain safety and compliance, updating network information and plan future expansion of network.

Drone Data processing
6_2_Drone Data processing

  • Orthomosaics
  • 3 D Models

Unity Geospatial offers services in data collection with drone and its processing. Drone data is highly accurate, detailed and can be analysed from different angles. We have delivered processed drone data to wide range of clients.