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Aerial & Underground Surveying

Drone Surveying and Mapping

  • Provides a Bird’s Eye View
  • High Resolution and Real-Time Data Images
  • 3-D Point Cloud
  • Realistic View for Inspection
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Precise Measurements
  • Fly almost anywhere

Unity Geospatial offers professional drone survey and high resolution orthomosaics. We use the integrated data of UAV product and GIS Technology for various kinds of studies and analysis. The technology is cost effective, safe and gives accurate results. The technology is proven for better and faster decision making. Drone surveys can benefit industries, businesses and various applications.

GPR Survey

  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Mapping of Subsurface Utilities
  • Study of Material Properties
  • Detect Voids and Cracks
  • Structural Assessment

Unity Geospatial provides GPR Survey for high resolution detection, imaging and mapping of subsurface soils and rock conditions. It is cost effective and non-destructive method for near surface ground investigation and is a proven technology for utility mapping.

DGPS Survey

  • Cadastral Survey
  • Property Survey
  • On-Ground Utility Survey
  • Site Survey

At Unity Geospatial, we provide advanced GPS survey for greater positional accuracy. This advanced form of GPS survey uses a fixed, known position to adjust the real time GPS signals to eliminate errors.

We offer services for topographic, cadastral and land plan, design and construction activities and on-ground utility surveys.

Robotics Survey

  • Evaluation for Water Distribution System
  • Asset Management
  • Inspection of Structural Condition of Asset
  • Identification of Leakage/ Damage

Common practice of network maintenance cause service interruption and replacement of assets without any detailed inspection because of inaccessibility. Robotics, as an inspection device for installed assets, like conduits can help to maintain the existing services and prevent network problems.  It is an efficient technique, involves less human intervention and explore inaccessible places.