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Geoinformatics is fast growing science and its application in the life cycle of business and life as whole is growingly becoming inevitable.

It is real time actionable intelligence for integration into enterprise geo database.

Seamless integration of GIS based solutions will give optimisation of your resources, resulting into innovative and cost effective solutions.

Unity Geospatial gives you qualitative and 360°analytical assessment of the earth.

Identifies whether the locations falls under high hazard /medium hazard /low hazard /no hazard Wind/Flash Flood and Storm Surge Zones in which the location falls during catastrophe.

Vulnerability of structures/properties caused due to the various Wind/Flood zones/Storm Surge Zones in which the specific location falls and vast disruption caused during the catastrophe and thereafter.

Loss Prevention suggestions to minimize losses in case of new constructions or strengthening of existing structures and alerts on detailed risk assessment/preparing of a disaster plan location specific

The above is backed by data of Depressions/Cyclones/Severe Cyclones and also details of Severe Cyclones, Very Severe Cyclones, Extremely Severe Cyclones and Super Cyclones that hit the location from the year 1891 to 2020

why choose us

Our vision is simple… Providing Qualitative solutions with discreet analysis for geospatial services.
We provide effective, innovative and quality solutions with thoughtful and discreet analysis of geospatial data to meet the client’s requirements.

We are Partner with

ESRI – India

We build ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software. ESRI is an international supplier of geographic information system software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications.



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Anagha Pathak

Founder, UNITY Group


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Managing Director

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Partner - Director


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Shreenivas Kulkarni

Expert Risk Management & Insurance Consultant


Dr.Roxy Mathew Koll

Climate Scientist at IITM


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Expert Earth Sciences

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